If you relate to any of the following, this course is for you!  

People need our Launch Your Biz in 2 Weeks Course when.....

-They’re ready to take the next step in building a business but don’t know what the next step is!

-They "don't know what to say" about the oils, about signing up, about the business, about LRP. 

-They only have limited time and need the required information fast.

-They need a quick and free resource to train the builders they have on their team.

-They have tried to enroll a couple people and it just felt awkward and need to know the professional way to go about it all. 

-They don't try to bring on a builder because if that person said yes they wouldn't know how to train them!

-They don't know how to talk to someone about building a doTERRA business.

-They want to make an income with doTERRA but don't want to be a "weird person in an MLM".

-They need the skills to make money at this.

-They tried "once upon a time" to build a doTERRA business and are ready to give it another go with a fresh start.

The purpose of this course is to equip you to 1) serve customers better and 2) help you make money and launch your business effectively. In as little as 2 hours you can consume the information to start goal setting, make appointments, have appointments, follow up, ask for referrals, invite to learn about the business, and how to have the recruiting conversation.  We can't wait to watch you take off. We believe this is the first step for you in creating a team of people who help others with their health! 

About the instructors

Wellness Advocates and Founders of 3LifeEssentials

Jim and Amy Miller

This is the instructor section. You can use this space to tell and show your students who you are and why you're the perfect person to teach the course you're offering. You can talk about your work and education history, and really anything else that shows off who you are so your students get excited about learning from you. You're the expert after all, this is your chance to shine!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! Start Here

    • First Steps

    • Let's do this!

    • Your Training Manual

    • Enrollment Kits

    • Any Supplies?

    • Your Biz Priorities

  • 2

    How to Set Goals & Schedule Your First 2 Weeks

    • Breaking Down Your Goals into Bite-Size Pieces

    • How to Block Your Schedule

    • Let's check-in ✔︎

  • 3

    Set the Appointment

    • Set Those Appointments!

    • Example of Setting an appointment in Person or On The Phone

  • 4

    Sales Conversation Outline

    • Appointment Time!

    • 1:1 Sales Conversation

    • Group Sales Conversation

    • Oils Presentation

    • How to Enroll A Customer

    • Recruiting Conversation/Asking for Referrals

    • The ASK: Recruiting Convo/Referrals

    • Text Example for Referrals

    • Referral Program

    • Let's check-in ✔︎

    • New Link Generator Tools!

  • 5

    WishList Appt & The Next Steps

    • Follow up

    • WishList or Follow-up Appt.

    • WishList/Follow-up Appointment Sheet Options

    • Let's check-in ✔︎

  • 6

    Recruiting Conversation

    • It's time to recruit!

    • Recruiting Conversation - It's time to bring on a partner!

    • They said YES! ...Now What?

    • Let's check-in ✔︎

  • 7

    What's Next?

    • Get Your Power drill

    • Using Professional Training

  • 8

    Extra Resources/How-To Videos

    • What do I Do with All These People? Basic Strategy & Starting Up

    • Direct Deposit Form

    • Gold Map Worksheet

    • dōTERRA Pipeline

    • How to Set Up & Edit Loyalty Reward Order

    • Commissions on Kits

    • Compensation Plan 101 (simple)

    • Compensation Plan 101 (more detailed)

    • Compensation Plan (minus the $200 Empowerment Bonus)

    • Let's check-in ✔︎

Are you ready to JUMPSTART your business?